Mastercard Launches Crypto Peer-to-Peer Network With Vanity Addresses

June 03, 2024


Mastercard launches a pilot crypto platform for Europe and Latin America, featuring vanity addresses for user convenience.

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1 min. read

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Mastercard launched a pilot peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform for users in Europe and Latin America. The Mastercard Crypto Credential network currently facilitates transactions on the Bit2Me, Lirium, and Mercado Bitcoin exchanges. This new platform enables cross-border payments between the two regions, aiming to facilitate international transactions. 

In addition, the platform introduces "vanity addresses," enabling users to create custom, easy-to-remember addresses instead of complex alphanumeric strings typically associated with cryptocurrency wallets. 

For instance, someone could send Bitcoin to an address like "" (similar to Ethereum Name Services) instead of a long alphanumeric wallet address. This user-friendly approach aims to reduce errors and make cryptocurrency transactions easier.

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